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Lovely Money Cake Designs For People And Occasion!

Money cake is the protagonist of every celebration in the US. It’s one of the kinds of cake where money is used to make it, which is also a surprising element to the person for whom the cake is designed. Simply put, money cake design is where coins, bills, and other forms of money is being used for making occasion full of surprises. This itself is pleasing and mostly preferred. Many designs for money cake are available; let’s get some ideas about them.

Money Cake Designs – For People And Occasion

A cake design can be anything. There is a lot of creativity involved in this work. In fact, nowadays, there are proper cake designers who are supposed to design cakes as per the occasion, and interests. You can select a nearby bakery and get it designed for you. Also, you can make it on your own, if you want to make it more special for the person (more about it later).

Money Cake Designs For BIRTHDAY

Birthday is one of the most celebrated occasions, which is popular around the world. It’s also the one occasion where cake cutting is popular. So, if you are thinking to design cake for birthday celebration, here are some top picks:

  • Classic Money Stack Cake:

Collect some bills and put them in a brick-shape. Tie it with another ribbon. Your classic cake is ready.

  • Money Bag Cake:

It’s a money-like bag created with the help of chocolate and other ingredients to make it look attractive, and tasty of course. You will find it attractive after it’s completed.

  • Gift Box Cake with Money popping out:

Another kind of cake design is – a box with bills popping out. Create this by putting notes inside the box, and make it such a way that when someone opens it; he gets surprised.

This surprising design is targeted to add up some fun elements.

Other cake making for different people:

Money cake design for girl – preferably, females are likely to enjoy cakes, made differently, and stylish. There are many designs, colors, flavors, and additional female-specific objects, which can be used to design a super cake for them.

Money cake design for boy – Cakes for boys seem interesting when it’s created with their favorite objects. Or, if it’s made according to what they prefer. The best you could do is – if making a cake for a baby boy – add some highlighting effects using edible things. This will most likely be preferred

money cake design for mom: Make it with affectionate or respectful elements. Add things which describes their life-journey, and represent it in a way which she can celebrate by looking at it.

How To Make Money Cake – The Process

Cake making demands a little bit knowledge of cooking; however, if you are new to cake making, it should not be a bothered situation as this easy guide will make you a short-term cake maker. Here is what you need to make money cake at home:


Arrange the ingredients. You need the basic material to start with – that is plan cake. Buy cake from a cake shop.


Now, buy some bills, of various denominations. You need ribbons to tie it around your cake. Also, a scissor. Buy a cardboard.

After you collect all, you are ready to decorate your cake:

  • Keep your bills pressed so it looks straight. Be sure that it’s clean and crisp.
  • Choose a cake taste, it’s flavor as per the occasion or based on likelihood of the person.
  • Now, you need to insert some coins, bills, or whatever you have planned. (do this carefully)
  • Next, start decorating your cake. Keep in mind the cake should be designed with edible things. There should not be any harm of any kind.
  • At last, present it. You can add more to the presentation to add up more to the visuals at the last moment.

Wrap Up

Adding more flavor to life is always a good thing to do. Making the best money cake design can surprise someone and can be fulfilling for your loved ones. Get some interesting ideas from here:

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